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Hangzhou Runheng Medical Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2010, and located in the technological development zone of Hangzhou city, the company has never ceased its exploration in the reform of china's medical industry, striving forward with the initial focus on the medical industry. The company has been committed to providing reliable epidemic prevention products solutions for global customers. Situated in the Yangtze delta region medical park of Tsinghua university (no. 111, Hongxing Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou), we have owned a 100,000-grade clean workshop of 1400㎡, which serves as a safe and reliable shield for producing the epidemic prevention materials and fighting against the pandemic.
Our company mainly produces disposable medical masks, surgical masks,KN95 masks,disposable face masks, disposable protective coverall, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, medical cap, medical shoe cover, and etc. Our products have been exported to Korea, Japan, America, Italy, Germany, Romania, India, Mexico, and other countries.

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Why We Are Different From The Others


From raw material procurement to professional testing to finished product output, Runheng controls every link with extremely strict quality standards, and the production workshop is of professional operation, with multiple safety protection systems.


Runheng has always insisted on creating quality products and services to provide high-quality and reliable protective equipment for users around the world. No matter whether the epidemic disappears or not, Runheng will be always the health protection guard by your side.


We have reliable protective products such as disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, KN95 masks, medical disposable protective clothing, isolation gowns, medical caps, and medical shoe covers, etc.


At present, a daily scale of production capacity of 3 million masks, 200,000 protective clothing, and 1 million isolation gowns has been formed, and it is still expanding.


Now Runheng's products have been exported to more than 30 countries around the world, including Russia, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Italy, Germany, India, Romania, Mexico and other countries.